DVD or VHS Creampie Cathy #01 : "Pumped Full Of Cum"
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Price :   DVD $29.95   or   VHS $39.95

Available in :   DVD  or  VHS Tape

Formats :   NTSC  or  PAL

Creampies :   26

Run Time :   65 minutes

Description :
Here you go guys, looking for a nasty ... oozing creampie ... tape? (gee, now Iím starting to sound like a slut .. hehehe!).

Hubby put this video together to showcase some of my more "fulfilled" moments. In case you don't already know I just LOVE it when a guy sprays his load of hot sloppy cum inside me!!

It features some of the sloppiest, biggest creampies I've ever been given, both vaginal and anal. Some scenes you get to watch as I push the cum out and play with it while in other scenes you get to see one guy cum inside me and then another guy fucking me straight after (sloppy seconds).

In one scene I take 2 cocks in my pussy together (one Black) and get fucked until the Black guy pumps a huge load of semen into me. I then play with the cum a little before the White guy gets me to ride his cock. The cum oozes everywhere as we fuck and then the White guy unloads deep inside me as well. Slowly I push his cum out to show them.

Another scene is set outdoors and I get fucked by a guy with a truly HUGE cock. He pounds me really good and then deposits a massive load of hot cum deep inside my stretched cunt. It oozes and drips out of me as he shoves his still hard cock into my mouth for me to clean.