DVD or VHS Creampie Cathy #03 : "Cum One ... Cum All"


Price :   $29.95

Formats :   DVD 

Available in :   NTSC 

Creampies :   33

Run Time :   92 minutes

Description :
It was going to be a huge task to improve on the highly successful CreampieCathy #02 but I believe CreampieCathy #03 has succeeded.

There are more creampies in this movie than any movie ever made and they are about as sloppy and creamy as they can get. Cathy is at her cum hungry best as she coaxes the hot jism out of dozens of horny guys .. many of whom were complete strangers to her.

There are several gangbang creampie scenes in this latest offering that will pop the cork of any devoted creampie fan. Watch as one cock fills Cathy with its hot seed and another cock quickly takes its place. The cum lathers up and starts to fly as this rampant cock pounds Cathy's cum filled hole. Then .. after it unloads its slimy load into her .. it is replaced by yet another throbbing - ready to erupt - cock.

12 jism soaked scenes await you and just try and hold out for more than 2 scenes before you're spanking the monkey and wishing your load was going into Cathy too.

Packed into the 92 minutes of this movie are 33 creampies .. double vaginal creampies .. sloppy seconds .. gangbang creampies .. anal creampies .. creampie eating and more. There is something for everyone no matter where your creamy tastes lie.

In one scene Cathy is gangbanged by 15 guys and we get to watch as 7 of them pull a creampie train on her .. each guy fucks her until he cums (inside her of course) and then another takes his place. The result is a sloppy dribbling oozing creampie no words can correctly describe.

In yet another scene Cathy has 2 cocks together in her pussy fucking her and we get to watch as they both cum in her at the same time. The cum is forced out as they continue to fuck leaving the guy underneath in a very messy state .. LOL

At the end of this movie is a preview of CreampieCathy #04 and if the preview is anything to go by it looks like another winner. A big emphasis on Cum Eating will be a feature of CreampieCathy #04 !!