DVD or VHS Creampie Cathy #04 : "Eat My Cummy Pie"


Price :   $29.95

Formats :   DVD 

Available in :   NTSC 

Creampies :   29

Run Time :   91 minutes

Description :
CreampieCathy #03 had only just hit the shelves when inquires started to roll in regarding the release date of CreampieCathy #04.

The promise of a movie featuring creampie eating had fans anxiously awaiting its release and early reaction is that the wait was well worth it. Cathy and her friends have delivered the goods in the form of huge sloppy creampies and some incredible scenes featuring the eating of these creampies.

Half the scenes in this latest offering feature the eating of freshly deposited cum from the recently ravaged vagina and/or ass of Cathy. In one truly memorable scene one of Cathy's lovers sucks the cum from her after he and another guy have just finished DPing her and filling her with their semen. Cathy then opens her mouth and receives the cum back.

Another memorable scene is the Sperm Nurse. In this scene Cathy (dressed as a nurse) is collecting sperm for the Sperm Bank. Using her vagina to collect it, she takes several loads in quick succession and we see what is perhaps the sloppiest - and largest - creampie ever filmed. Huge amounts of cum flow from Cathy - and coat her thighs - as guys take their turn pumping her full of their slimy loads .. a truly AWESOME scene!!

There are 12 scenes included in the 91 minutes of this movie with a creampie count of 29. Whatever your taste in creampies it is bound to be covered in this movie .. vaginal .. anal .. sloppy seconds ... they are all covered and more.

If its the creampie eating you're wanting to see then you're in for a treat. Creampies are eaten out of pussy and ass ... and its not just the girls eating the cum ... oh plenty of cum is goobled down by Cathy and girlfriends ... but .. one of Cathy's male lovers also gets into the action.

You're bound to have a boner before getting too far into this movie and if you can resist choking the chicken then you have some awesome control there.

At the end of this movie is a preview of CreampieCathy #05 and if the preview is anything to go by it looks like another winner. The emphasis on VERY sloppy seconds will be a feature of CreampieCathy #05 !!