DVD or VHS Gang Bang Cathy #01 : "Hungry For Cocks"


Price :   $29.95

Formats :   DVD 

Available in :   NTSC 

Scenes :   1 Gang Bang

Run Time :   65 minutes

Description :
It's finally here! Cathy's first ever gang bang video! Watch as this Wife/Mom takes on six guys in one of the nastiest no condom gang bangs ever seen!!

The video begins with Cathy arriving at a motelroom dressed as a policewoman (a very scantily clad policewoman). The six guys inside seem surprised by her appearance but quickly set about 'convincing' her of their innocence. Cathy is not convinced but informs them they will not be arrested if they can provide her with what she wants most. The scene is now set ... for what Cathy wants is their hard cocks and most importantly their cumloads!!

As soon as the guys realize Cathy wants them to fuck her, they quickly strip and shove their hard cocks in her face. Cathy hungrily gobbles down every cock in sight, wanting them all rock hard for fucking. When she can wait no longer she moves to the bed and instructs the guy closest to shove his cock inside her. He does as instructed and proceeds to pound his manhood into Cathy as hard as he can. The guys quickly realize Cathy is insatiable when it comes to fucking and take it in turns to fuck her both singly and in groups.

It doesn't take long for the first guy to bust his nut inside her and Cathy's reaction tells the guys this is what she loves most ... being fucked and used as their cum dump. From here the guys proceed to fuck her and cum inside her pussy as many times as they can physically manage. The fucking continues until all the guys are drained and exhausted !!!